'Her paintings are in many respects short films'

In her artistic behavior, when defining the artist's profile, we see her striking expressionist valences, which immediately rise, even from a fleeting look at her works in plastic formulations that bear the sign of intuitive freshness and immediate emotional reflex.


Another defining characteristic of Corina Irsik's recent plastic results is a direct relationship to the sources of imagistic inspiration of photography and cinematography, reaching in the end, by different means, to similar plastic sensory effects.


Her paintings are in many respects short films and I would mention here only a few highlights, from the extremely fast, spontaneous, focused way of working, to the capacity of plastic synthesis, edifying simplification of volumes, extraction of the relevant element and, respectively, the effects of vitality and plastic expressiveness obtained.


“In my paintings, I reflect on feelings that make me grow or that I want to repeat and discover new meanings for them. They are born out of this need to repeat, elaborate, express, and give meanings starting from images - whether real or imaginary - that have given me certain energy. I am fascinated by the way colors can express these energies.”


"... And I never draw conclusions, so that what is on the canvas could always continue…” 


Ina Vadeanu

27th of March 2020   

Art Historian