Her infamous nudes and giant, invasive flowers are a demonstration of opulent virtuosity that is at once baroque and detached.

What immediately jumps out when gazing upon an Adriana Elian painting is the inner freedom. A frenetic joy of electrifying color and the lust of gestural maximalist spontaneity strike you from her first ’90s series to her current work. An unleashed energy of tackling the canvas, devoid of any moral self-censorship or intellectual constrictions at first sight, is the gamble that the artist takes with herself.
Rejecting the compromises that women have been making throughout history and even during modern times in order to gain recognition from the elitist art world, Elian seems to be painting with a blunt sincerity she delights in, which irrepressibly inspires her currently. That’s why her canvases possess such an exuberant energy that fluidly engages with our entranced, amazed gaze which in turn revels under the gestural-chromatic wave. Elian is a sort of shaman-painter that transmits her vibrations and revelations through psycho- emotional, high visual voltage short-circuits.

Magda Cârneci